Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Tower M

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Amethyst Tower M

Size 51mm and 33g. Touch of smoky quartz, a few tiny chips.

Towers and Generators amplify and ground  energy and can be used for healing, meditation and charging other crystals. They can focus and amplify your intent and used for channelling, provide clear information.

A generator has six equal sides and faces, a tower can be any variation. They can contain phantoms, rainbows and inclusions.


Protection Spirit Guides Angels Psychic Development Meditation Addictions

Amethyst works on so many levels. It’s a great choice for spiritual growth and protection, it helps to open the third eye and crown chakras and supports healers of all types.

Use Amethyst for:         

  • Help with habits and addictions

  • Uncovering underlying causes of behaviours and outdated beliefs

  • Communication with Angels and spirit guides

  • Help changing ingrained “victim mentalities”

  • Meditation and alleviating tension, stress and insomnia.

Chakras – Third Eye and Crow

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