Banded Agate Crystal Gemstone Polished Tumbled Stones

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Size: Medium 15-25mm

Tumbled Crystals, also known as Tumbled Stones or Polished Stones  are a great way to ensure  that Crystal positive energy is never far away.

I think we all start our Crystal Journey with a Tumbled Stone and no two are ever the same. They have a way of drawing you into their energy field with their beauty and affordability.

Small but mighty, there are lots of ways they can help in every day life and we can't wait to see how your Tumble collection grows.

We love....

  • Keeping a bowl of tumbles on the desk at work (or in the desk drawer)

  • Placing around the home for energetic protection

  • Carrying in a pocket, handbag or school bag

  • Gifting to someone you know could use some support

  • Adding to your pot plants for an energy boost

  • Holding while meditating or placing on the body while healing.

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10-25mm (approx)