Sodalite Crystal Gemstone Donut / Pi 40mm

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 Sodalite Crystal Gemstone Donut /Pi

Communication, Calm, Intuition, Meditation, Harmony

Sodalite helps us to stay cool, calm and collected. It allows us to balance logic and intuition and helps us to ‘trust our gut” when it comes to problem solving.

Used for meditation it can help integrate our shadow selves and to understand the root causes of our emotions.

Use Sodalite for:

  • Keeping everyone calm and on track in  business meetings

  • Cooling heated emotions and people

  • Developing psychic abilities

  • Speaking up when necessary, sodalite is great for timid children and adults

  • Recognising patterns of behaviour that are being repeated

Chakra Throat and Third Eye


40mm Diameter 6mm Hole

Supplied with Leather or Vegan Cord