Lilac Jade Crystal Gemstone Snake Animal Figurine

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Transformation, Wisdom, Renewal, Healing, Intuition, New Beginnings

Is Snake Your Spirit Animal?

Snakes hold both fear and fascination for many of us and their symbolism crosses history, religion and culture. They are revered in the Chinese Zodiac for their wisdom and intuition, determination and focus, as well as their ability to embrace change and transformation.

Snake symbolism is powerful and needed in times of personal growth and change. It helps us to see that we have outgrown situations such as beliefs, relationships or employment. By "shedding our old skin" we transform our lives and it's spiritual purpose.

Use Snake Energy for:

  • Healing

  • Psychic Development

  • Awakening Kundalini Energy

  • Transformation

  • Protection

How Will Snake Energy Help You?

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When we combine Snake Energy and Lilac Jade we have the opportunity to explore the reasons we can't move forward in our lives. It gives us a safe space to address the programming and or traumas that hold us back.


28x34x54mm (approx)