Honey Calcite Sphere

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Colour: Lighter Shade

Honey Calcite Sphere

Sphere energy is gentle and flows from the entire surface. Its’ great for soothing chaotic thoughts and environments.  Uses include scrying, meditation, massage and healing.

Honey Calcite, with its golden sun energy helps to heal energy blockages and old behaviour patterns. It also shares all of the Calcite attributes.


Spiritual Growth, Concentration and Focus, Knowledge, Intellect

Calcite is available in many colours and types. It helps balance emotions and intellect and helps with decision making. It helps cleanse negative energy and is a good choice when we physically, mentally or emotionally just cant get motivated.

Use Calcite for:

  • Using intellect rather than emotion when problem solving

  • Boosting memory and knowledge retention

  • Changing ideas into action

  • Increase instinct and insight

  • Developing psychic awareness and development

Chakra All. Use colour as a guide.


 35-40mm Diameter (approx)

Includes Wooden Stand