Agate Druzy Geode Pyramid Electroplated Platinum

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Platinum Agate Druzy Geode Pyramid

The pyramid shape absorbs and concentrates energy. Use it to collect universal knowledge that can be accessed or to absorb and transmute energy in the environment.  

Agate Geodes

Self Confidence, Courage, Logic, Hidden Talents, 

Agate Geodes help us to reveal things we keep hidden be they talents and abilities or past trauma and sadness that keeps us from realising our true potential. They work slowly so as not to overwhelm and assist with self confidence, courage logic and mental and physical endurance. They help to transmute anger and bitterness.

Use Agate Geodes for:

  • Rational thinking and problem solving

  • Confidently moving forward toward our goals

  • Calming the mind and emotions

  • Birthing new ideas and methods

Pyramids are cut from individual geodes. No two will be exactly the same.