Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Massage Roller With Gold or Platinum Finish

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Finish: Gold

Amethyst Massage Roller with Dual Ends

Just a few suggestions for using your massage roller...

  • Chill it and roll over forehead and temples to help with headaches.

  • Chilled the small end is great for reducing under eye puffiness

  • Use it to massage in moisturisers and masques

  • Clear the energy surrounding your body. Roll away from the heart, down the arms and legs and body. Visualise any heavy or grubby energy being whisked away from the body and out of the aura.


Protection, Spirit Guides, Angels, Psychic Development, Meditation, Addictions

Amethyst works on so many levels. It’s a great choice for spiritual growth and protection, it helps to open the third eye and crown chakras and supports healers of all types.

Use Amethyst for:         

  • Help with habits and addictions

  • Uncovering underlying causes of behaviours and outdated beliefs

  • Communication with Angels and spirit guides

  • Help changing ingrained “victim mentalities”

  • Meditation and alleviating tension, stress and insomnia.

Chakras – Third Eye and Crown

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