Amethyst & Onyx Crystal Gemstone Guardian Angel Earrings

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Finish: Gold

Amethyst & Onyx Guardian Angel Earrings

 Protection ,Spirit Guides, Angels ,Psychic Development, Meditation, Addictions

Amethyst works on so many levels it's another must have crystal. It’s a great choice for spiritual growth and protection, helps to open the third eye and crown chakras and supports healers of all types.

Use Amethyst for:

  • Helping with habits and addictions

  • Can help uncover the underlying cause of behaviour issues and outdated beliefs

  • Communication with Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Addresses the need for a “Victim Mentality”

  • Great for meditation and insomnia

Chakra -Crown

Learn more about our gorgeous   Amethyst  here 


45mm Including Ear Wires

Gold Or Platinum Finish