Amethyst Crystal Chip Tree of Life Pendant

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Finish: Platinum

Amethyst Crystal Chip Tree of Life Pendant 

Used for Strength, Wisdom and Connection to All.

The Tree of Life symbolises how we connect to everything in the universe. Its all about Personal Development, Wisdom and Strength.


Protection ,Spirit Guides, Angels ,Psychic Development, Meditation, Addictions

Amethyst works on so many levels it's another must have crystal. It’s a great choice for spiritual growth and protection, helps to open the third eye and crown chakras and supports healers of all types.

Use Amethyst for:

  • Helping with habits and addictions

  • Can help uncover the underlying cause of behaviour issues and outdated beliefs

  • Communication with Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Addresses the need for a “Victim Mentality”

  • Great for meditation and insomnia

Chakra -Crown

Learn more about our gorgeous   Amethyst  here 


65mm Pendant 45cm Chain, Leather Cord or Vegan Cord

Longer cords / chains available Please advise at checkout