Black Agate Sphere Shaped Pendulum

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Black Agate Sphere Shaped Pendulum

Pendulums can be used for clearing energy from the chakras and aura, can help with finding items that have been misplaced and offer insight into problems and issues you may be facing. 

Please see our Blog on how to activate and use a pendulum if you haven't used one before.

 Grounding, Self Confidence, Courage


Agate helps to access hidden talents and abilities and offers support when past trauma or sadness stops us from reaching our full potential

Agates action is slow and gentle. Use it to for:                                                            

  • Self-confidence and Courage

  •  Mental function and concentration

  • Physical endurance

  • Healing anger, bitterness and past trauma

  • Pre and post birth support

All chakras


40mm Pendulum, 22cm Chain, Platinum Finish

Includes Velvet Bag