Blue Goldstone Crystal Sphere Shaped Pendulum

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Blue Goldstone Sphere Shaped Pendulum

Pendulums can be used for clearing energy from the chakras and aura, can help with finding items that have been misplaced and offer insight into problems and issues you may be facing. 

Please see our Blog on how to activate and use a pendulum if you haven't used one before.


    Joy Vitality Healing Shielding

    Goldstone is manufactured and contains copper. It has the most beautiful sparkles throughout and and is an awesome feel good stone.

    Use Goldstone for:

    • Uplifting the spirit and promoting joy and happiness

    • Wear to increase and replenish low energy levels

    • Long distance healing

    • Deflect unwanted energies

    • Promote ambition, drive and “out of the box” thinking

    • Encourage a positive attitude

    Goldstone is available in Gold, Blue and Green

    Chakra – use colour as a guide, Base, Heart and Throat


    40mm Pendulum, 22cm Chain, Platinum Finish

    Includes Velvet Bag