Bronzite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet With 12mm Frosted / Matte Beads

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Wrist Size: 19cm Large

Bronzite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet 12mm Round Beads

Our frosted / matte finish crystals are very special. Their energy is deep and quite introverted. Perfect for grounding, protecting and teaching, they ask of you to go within, be still and listen. 

Protection, Courage, Courtesy, Calm, Self Esteem

Bronzite brings us the gift of stillness. If you can’t relax and always have to be busy it’s a great choice. Self-esteem and confidence are also boosted. A stone of courtesy, it helps us develop objectivity, kindness and lessens the desire to harshly judge ourselves and others.

As a protection crystal it returns negativity to the sender so discernment is necessary.

Use Bronzite for:

  • Support when working with the public

  • Seeing big picture situations

  • Transforming ingrained behaviour patterns

  • Stress relief and calm 

Chakra Base, Sacral


Large 19cm wrist, Medium 18cm wrist, Small 17cm wrist with stretch elastic cord