Citrine Crystal Gemstone Roll-On Chip Bottle for Essential Oils 10ml

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Citrine Roll-On Chip Bottle

Our Citrine roll-on bottle contains a generous amount of crystal chips and includes a FREE 5ml roll-on bottle with every purchase. 

Abundance, Manifesting, Imagination, Creativity, New Beginnings

Citrine is such a feel-good crystal. It is one of the few crystals (along with kyanite) that don’t absorb negative energy. Citrine can be used to charge and cleanse other crystals. Keep a few chips of Citrine and Aventurine in your wallet or purse to help keep the money flow in balance.

Use Citrine for:

  • Attracting abundance on all levels

  • Raising self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Enhancing ideas, imagination and creativity

  • Helping with phobias, fears and depression

Chakra Solar Plexus


10ml Bottle 85x20mm

5ml Bottle ( free with purchase) 65x17.5mm

Bottles do not contain oils