Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone Massage Roller Dual Ends

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Clear Quartz Massage Roller with Dual Ends

A few suggestions for using your massage roller:

  • Chill it and roll over forehead and temples to help with headaches

  • Used cold, the small end is great for reducing under eye puffiness

  • Massage in moisturisers and masques

  • Clear the energy surrounding your body. Roll away from the heart, down the arms and legs. Visualise any heavy or grubby energy being whisked away from the body and out of the Aura

    Clear Quartz

    Amplifier, Intention, Clarity, Manifesting, Healing

    Clear Quartz is a high vibration crystal and amplifies energy, both positive and negative. It teaches us to be responsible for our thoughts and to be aware of our thought patterns. Clear Quartz helps with focus and filters out distractions.

    Use Clear Quartz for:

    • Setting and achieving new goals

    • Gain clarity in difficult situations

    • Understanding your higher purpose

    • Clear and energise other crystals

    Chakras All

    Supplied with a black velvet bag