Garnet Crystal Gemstone Roll-On Chip Bottle for Essential Oils 10ml

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Garnet Roll-On Chip Bottle

Our Garnet roll-on bottle contains a generous amount of crystal chips and includes a FREE 5ml roll-on bottle with every purchase. 

Psychic Protection, Grounding, Self-Worth, Strength, Energising, Creativity

Garnet has a beautiful warming energy. It helps us let go of outdated behaviour patterns and conditioning, especially those instilled by others that can sabotage personal growth. It helps with creating healthy boundaries in our lives.

Garnet helps to ground the spirit in the body and is a great choice for calming and soothing chaotic energy.

Use Garnet for:

  • Finding joy in everyday life

  • Feelings of hopelessness, trauma and crisis

  • Good fortune in business relationships and life

  • Psychic protection, grounding and shielding

Chakra Base


10ml Bottle 85x20mm

5ml Bottle (Free with purchase) 65x17.5mm

Bottle does not include essential oil