Goldstone Skull

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Goldstone Skull

Skull energy gives us access to ancestral wisdom and information. They ground energy and calm the mind often giving insight into problems and helping find solutions. Skulls are great to talk to and meditate with.


Joy, Vitality ,Healing, Shielding

Goldstone is manufactured and contains copper. It has the most beautiful sparkles throughout and is an awesome feel good stone.

Use Goldstone for:

  • Uplifting the spirit and promoting joy and happiness 

  •  Increasing and replenishing low energy levels

  • Long distance healing

  • Deflecting unwanted energies

  • Promoting ambition, drive and “out of the box” thinking

  • Encouraging a positive attitude

Goldstone is available in Gold, Blue and Green

Chakra – use colour as a guide, Base, Heart and Throat

Skulls are carved from natural crystal. No two are exactly the same.


30x36x48mm (approx)