Iron Pyrite Skull Green

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Iron Pyrite Skull

Skull energy gives us access to ancestral wisdom and information. They ground energy and calm the mind often giving insight into problems and helping find solutions. Skulls are great to talk to and meditate with. 

Iron Pyrite

Self Confidence, Motivation, Protection, New Ideas, Self Esteem

Iron Pyrite protects and blocks negative energy. It’s a great choice if you are subjected to manipulation by others that erodes your sense of self worth and self esteem. Iron Pyrite helps us to see situations clearly and boosts self confidence. It’s a great choice for empowering women.

Use Iron Pyrite for:

  • Mental clarity and focus, keep a piece close when studying

  • Motivation and helping the flow of new ideas and creativity

  • Alleviating despair and fatigue

  • Grounding and accessing earth energy

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 35x32x48mm (approx)