Larvikite Flat Palm Crystal Oval

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Larvikite Flat Palm Crystal Oval

Palm and thumb stones are great for placing on the body or forehead for healing and meditation. Held in the hand or in a pocket the movement of rubbing the thumb over them soothes the nerves and helps to focus the mind and reduce anxiety


Protection, Grounding, Past Lives, Psychic Ability, Wisdom

Larvikite is protective and helps us to connect to the earth and its nature spirits. It helps with the processing and retention of knowledge and allows difficult concepts to be broken down into easily understood forms. Larvikite also helps us to make sound decisions based on fact not emotion.

Use Larvikite for:

  • Boosting creativity and intellect

  • Encourage completion and closure

  • Support when resisting change and growth

  • Past life recall and visions

Chakra Base


60x40x20mm (approx)