Leopard Skin Jasper Crystal Gemstone Bracelet with 12mm Frosted / Matte Beads

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Size: 19cm Large

Leopard Skin Jasper Bracelet 12mm Round Frosted /Matte

Our frosted / matte finish crystals are very special. Their energy is deep and quite introverted. Perfect for grounding, protecting and teaching, they ask of you to go within, be still and listen. 

Grounding, Nurturing, Strength , Ancestral Wisdom, Earth Magick

There are many types of jasper, each having their own crystal properties. Jasper is grounding and nurturing, bringing calm in times of stress and anxiety. Its actions are slow and methodical, teaching patience and wisdom.

Use Jasper for:

  • Reconnecting with nature and its ancient wisdom

  • Supporting the body / mind with addictions

  • Meditation and accessing ancestral wisdom

  • Grounding energy and connection to the earth

Chakras Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus,


Large 19cm wrist, Medium 18cm wrist, Small 17cm wrist with stretch elastic cord.