Moss Agate Massage Roller Dual Ends

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Moss Agate Massage Roller with Dual Ends

A few suggestions for using your massage roller:

  • Chill it and roll over forehead and temples to help with headaches

  • Used cold, the small end is great for reducing under eye puffiness

  • Massage in moisturisers and masques

  • Clear the energy surrounding your body. Roll away from the heart, down the arms and legs. Visualise any heavy or grubby energy being whisked away from the body and out of the Aura

    Moss Agate

    Abundance, Confidence, Personal Growth, Strength, Courage

    Moss Agate has a natural affinity for the earth and supports farmers, gardeners and those who work with animals. It can help with releasing energy blockages. Moss Agate helps with attracting abundance and restores hope and trust.

    Use Moss Agate for:

    • Attracting new friendships, love and business opportunities

    • Developing confidence and self-esteem

    • Connecting with the natural world and its protectors

    • Enhancing physical strength and wellbeing

    • Supporting animals and plants

    Chakra Heart

    Supplied with a black velvet bag