New Jade Skull

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New Jade Skull

Skull energy gives us access to ancestral wisdom and information. They ground energy and calm the mind often giving insight into problems and helping find solutions. Skulls are great to talk to and meditate with. 

New Jade

Healing, Meditation, Grounding, Boundaries,

New Jade, a variety of Serpentine helps with calming the mind, body and spirit. It helps to release fear and teaches patience. New Jade, with its affinity for the natural world is a great choice for earth based ritual and healing.

Use New Jade For:

  • Supporting victims of trauma and abuse

  • Clearing and aligning all chakras

  • Releasing feelings of guilt and unworthiness

  • Help with conflict resolution

  • Healing emotional manipulation and attachments.

Chakras All


38x32x50mm (approx)