Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Donut / Pi 30mm

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The Magick Earth Crystals Donut Collection is guaranteed to be fat, salt, sugar and carb free, no guilt allowed.

Our full range of gorgeous Donuts  can be found here.

We love the energy of our Donut / Pi's. Their circle shape ensures that energy flows with no beginning or end, offering their protection and healing to the wearer and sizes range from 30mm to 50mm.

All donuts are supplied with a leather or vegan cord (we actually supply a few because it's fun to mix it up a little).

We also love watching our Donuts pick their people!

Protection, Creativity, Truth,Change, Emotional Blocks, Fear 

Obsidian is available in a number of different forms. Over centuries it has been used to make tools and vessels for scrying. It is very protective and helps to expose truths and information kept hidden.

Its actions can be quite strong and no nonsense. Sometimes this is exactly what’s needed to move forward in life.

Use  Obsidian to:

  • Protect against negativity directed at you from others and psychic attacks.

  • Ground energy

  • Change behaviour patterns and outdated or ingrained beliefs

  • Shield against environmental pollution

  • Understand and integrate the shadow self and heal trauma.

Chakra Base


30mm Diameter

Supplied with a Leather or Vegan Cord