Ocean Jasper Egg

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Ocean Jasper Egg

Egg energy is soft and gentle and symbolic of birth, rebirth and fertility. Use Eggs for massage and acupressure and for manifesting new ideas and to help release old negative habits and conditioning.

Ocean Jasper

Believed to have connections to Atlantis, Ocean Jasper offers insights into past lives and promotes the acceptance of self responsibility. It promotes spiritual wisdom and is a great choice for empaths and healers.


Grounding, Nurturing, Strength , Ancestral Wisdom, Earth Magick

There are many types of jasper, each having their own crystal properties. Jasper is grounding and nurturing, bringing calm in times of stress and anxiety. Its actions are slow and methodical, teaching patience and wisdom.

Use Jasper for:

  • Reconnecting with nature and its ancient wisdom

  • Supporting the body / mind with addictions

  • Meditation and accessing ancestral wisdom

  • Grounding energy and connection to the earth.

Chakras Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus,



Includes Wooden Stand