Rose Quartz Massage Wand

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Rose Quartz Massage Wand

Wands are great for clearing stale or negative energy from the body and aura. They can also be used to cut attachment cords that may be keeping you stuck. Use the wand to sweep the body, moving away from the heart. Use it to draw a protective cocoon around the body when you feel you need energetic protection.

Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love, Trust, Emotional Healing, Acceptance

Rose Quartz with its gentle loving energy is a must have crystal for everyone. It opens the heart and allows us to give and receive love, healing past emotional trauma. Rose Quartz is a beautiful gift for pregnancy, birth and children, helping them feel loved and accepted.

Use Rose Quartz for:

  • Insomnia and nightmares

  • Children's fears

  • Healing and supporting emotional trauma and grief

  • Processing and releasing repeating behaviour patterns

  • Self Love

Chakra – Heart


110mm long x 15-20mm Width