Rutilated Quartz Crystal Gemstone Roll-On Chip Bottle for Essential Oils 10ml

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Rutilated Quartz Roll-On Chip Bottle

Our Rutilated Quartz roll-on bottle contains a generous amount of crystal chips and includes a FREE 5ml roll-on bottle with every purchase. 

Healing, Protection, Past Lives, Phobia’s, Anxiety

A Clear Quartz with inclusions of golden rutile, it shares many of the same properties. In addition,  it’s great for out of body journeying and identifying the karmic basis of illness. Rutilated Quartz is sometimes referred to as Angel Hair Quartz and can be useful in communication with the angelic realm.

  • Use Rutilated Quartz For:

  • Amplifying the energy of other crystals

  • Helping to stop nightmares

  • Shadow work

  • Protection from psychic attack

Chakra All, Astrology All, Numerology 2


10ml Bottle 85x20mm

5ml Bottle (Free with purchase) 65x17.5mm

Bottle does not include essential oils