Selenite Crystal Gemstone Spiral Massage Wand

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Selenite Spiral Massage Wand

Wands are great for clearing stale or negative energy from the body and aura. They can also be used to cut attachment cords that may be keeping you stuck. Use the wand to sweep the body, moving away from the heart. Use it to draw a protective cocoon around the body when you feel you need energetic protection.


Angels, Spirit Guides, Protection, Attachments

Selenite is a high vibrational crystal and can be used to help communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides. It promotes calm and helps us to develop sound judgement.

Use Selenite for:

  • Cutting attachment cords and removing hooks

  • Clearing energy blockages within the chakras and aura

  • Helping with emotional stability and calm

  • Protecting the aura and raising energetic vibrations

  • Accessing  Angelic wisdom and guidance

Chakras, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star


154x18mm long