Smoky Quartz Large Cone Shaped Pendulum

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Smoky Quartz Large Cone Shaped Pendulum

 Pendulums can be used for clearing energy from the chakras and aura, can help with finding items that have been misplaced and offer insight into problems and issues you may be facing. 

Please see our Blog on how to activate and use a pendulum if you haven't used one before.

 Smoky Quartz

Protection, Doubt, Fear, Outdated Beliefs, Grounding

Smoky Quartz is a protector. It helps to shield you from the negative thoughts and energy of others. It helps to ground your own energy, raise your vibration and release energetic baggage and programming holding you back from spiritual growth.

Use Smoky Quartz for:

  • Maintaining concentration and focus

  • Clearing emotional and spiritual blockages

  • Calming anxiety and hyperactivity

  • Alleviating nightmares

  • Letting go of people and situations no longer needed

  • Shielding your energy from others in work and stressful environments.

Chakra Base and Solar Plexus


40mm Pendulum, 22cm Chain, Platinum Finish

Includes Velvet Bag