Sodalite Crystal Gemstone Rhinoceros Animal Figurine

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Strength, Personal Power, Persistence, Endurance, Assertiveness, Intuition

Rhino's have BIG energy and are happy to help when you need..

  • Strength and Power 

  • Protection and Defence

  • Grounding and Stability

  • Persistence and Endurance

  • Confidence and Spiritual Wisdom

As your Spirit Animal, the Rhino represents power, strength, determination and creativity. You may also enjoy solitude to think things out.

Call on Rhino for help and support when you feel unsafe, need protective energy, or even if the usual ways of doing things are not working for you.

Rhinoceros Energy is waiting to support you.

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When we combine Rhino with Sodalite our ability to communicate our hopes, dreams and fears becomes easier. We feel calm, supported and heard.


55x23x36mm (approx)