Strawberry Quartz Heart Shaped Thumb Stone

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Strawberry Quartz Heart Shaped Thumb Stone

Palm and thumb stones are great for placing on the body or forehead for healing and meditation. Held in the hand or in a pocket the movement of rubbing the thumb over them soothes the nerves and helps to focus the mind and reduce anxiety

Strawberry Quartz

Life Path, Universal Love, Joy, Optimism

Strawberry Quartz energy is just beautiful. It calms, uplifts and allows us to see the beauty in ourselves, others and all around us. It helps us to celebrate our gifts, talents and achievements. The “why am I here” questions are helped with Strawberry Quartz too.

Use Strawberry Quartz for:

  • Supporting major life changes
  • Anxiety, Stress and depression
  • Celebrating YOU
  • Heart healing

Chakra Heart


40x40x5mm (approx)