Crystals Don't Read Books

Crystals Don't Read Books

Welcome to Magick Earth Crystals and to our very first blog.

The first crystals I ever bought were tiger eye tumbles. I was in awe of how something so small could contain so many colours and patterns and be so fascinating and beautiful. I also purchased the book recommended by the store owner.

The first chapter I read was how to take care of my new crystals, cleaning, cleansing etc. So here I am in my two-bedroom unit in the middle of suburbia reading how I need to wash my crystals in clear running water in a stream in nature. 

This was never going to happen and I was heartbroken. I felt like such a failure. (I was also young and rather literal back then).

Over time my crystal love has grown and with it came the realisation that…. crystals don't read books.

So much is written about how you have to do this or that or you need this specific crystal for this situation. Here at Magick Earth Crystals we take a different approach.

The best crystal for the job is the one you are instinctively drawn to. I want you to develop your intuition and trust yourself and your choices, then read the book (or Google). It doesn’t matter why you are drawn to a certain crystal, colour, shape etc and you don’t need to have lots of prior knowledge. You also don’t need other people’s rituals and ways of doing things. Let’s help you develop your own, based on you

Where ever you are on your crystal journey is exactly where you need to be. If you consider crystals pretty rocks that make you feel happy, that’s perfect. It doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating.

If you’ve met me at the psychic fairs or gem shows, you will know that I love crystals and talking and I don’t hesitate in relaying knowledge. If I know, I will share. If I don’t know I will find out and share. There are no strange or dumb questions. (My Mercury is in Scorpio so I adore mysteries and knowledge) so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Please let me know too if there are any subjects you would like discussed in the blogs.

If there are crystals or items we don’t have listed, please reach out. It will take me a while to get everything I have loaded onto the website. I also handcraft much of the content so I can always make something you need.

Once again welcome to Magick Earth Crystals.

Love Heather


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