Spring is Here

Spring is Here


Spring is Here!!!

 It seems like Winter has lasted forever this year. Maybe I’m getting older but it has felt colder than ever and the energy of the season has never felt heavier.

 So lets Celebrate Spring!

 Already the first of the dandelion flowers are appearing and the bees are coming back. Days are getting warmer and longer and plants are starting to produce new growth. The heaviness is starting to lift and bring hope for better times.

 So how can you celebrate Spring in your own small way? Here are some of the things I do..

 I stand in the sun on the grass, close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the birds calling each other and the insects starting  to get busy and noisy.

 I get my hands back in the soil. I tidy up garden beds neglected through winter, I have planted some fruit trees and hope to add more.

 I focus on the promise of new growth, bird and animal babies to come and enjoy the season before the heat of Summer arrives.

 I have created a Spring Celebration Crystal Bag with some of my favourites for this time of year. It’s available on the website and includes

 Citrine for warmth, prosperity and happiness

 Aventurine for abundance and positivity

 Clear Quartz to amplify and transform the sluggish meh feelings that winter has given us

 Rose Quartz  just because……

 Fluorite to shake off the winter blues and increase our mental energy and concentration. And...

  A bright green bag to symbolise new growth and opportunities.

 I hope you enjoy the Spring season as much as I do. I would love to hear about your own rituals and reasons why you love this time of year.

Love Heather



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