Crystal Pendulums

Crystal Pendulums


Your Crystal Pendulum Journey Starts Now!


I love my pendulum and have used one for many years. They are a great way to tap into your subconscious, develop your intuition and can offer guidance and information.


My pendulum gets used quite often. I use it to find things I have misplaced, for meditating, chakra and energy clearing and I have used it successfully to follow water pipes and find pipe joins. Thankfully hubby only had to dig one hole. I have not yet picked winning lotto numbers but will remain ever hopeful.


Your pendulum will pick you. Trust your intuition when a certain one keeps asking for attention. Thank the pendulum for choosing you. If you wish, think about the help you would like your pendulum to offer and set your intention.


Try holding the pendulum different ways until you find one comfortable for you. I personally like to rest my forearm on my leg and using my thumb and first finger allow the chain to rest in the first finger crease. I use my thumb as an anchor and to adjust the length.


Begin by saying to your pendulum…


Please show me Yes


It may take a few tries but it will begin to move. It may go around in a circle, swing back and forwards, or side to side. When you have a definite Yes movement, ask your pendulum to…


Please show me No


Again, you will get a definite movement, different to your Yes.


Once you know your Yes and No movements, ask your pendulum questions you know the answer to. Things like is grass green? is snow purple? do mushrooms grow under water? etc. You want to check that your Yes / No movements are working properly.


From there it’s just practice. Formulate questions to have Yes / No answers. For example, if you misplace your glasses the conversation may go something like this…


Are my glasses in the car – No. Are my glasses in the house -Yes. Are they in the kitchen – No. Are they in the bathroom – No. Your subconscious knows where you left them, allow the pendulum to help.


I would love to hear your Crystal Pendulum stories so please feel free to share them.


Love Heather x





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