Happy Birthday October

Happy Birthday October


Happy Birthday October

Happy Birthday to all born in October. Your birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline.

Opal speaks of innocence, hope and creativity. It encourages independence and loyalty.

Tourmaline promotes inspiration, artistic ability, compassion and calm.

October people have the ability to make others feel special, surrounding them with their calm energy. They are rational thinkers and not generally known for emotional outbursts. 

We also tend to like luxury and quite enjoy spending money on life's finer things. 

While energy levels ebb and flow, October people tend to persevere and don't give up easily. Loyalty is a huge thing and we have the tendency to put others on a pedestal as we can often struggle to believe in ourselves. 

Some October babies that I believe have made a difference are...

John Lennon

Pablo Picasso

Helen Reddy

Hugh Jackman

We have created a range of October Birthstone Gift Ideas so please visit the website and take a look. (Sadly Hugh Jackman isn't on there but we remain hopeful).

Kindness Always

Love Heather x

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