Tiger Eye Trauma and Truth

Tiger Eye Trauma and Truth

Heather's Crystal Story

My first crystal was a small tumbled Tiger Eye. The glow and way the light reflected had me mesmerised and 30+ years on crystals still give me goosebumps.

The end of the 1980's saw me asking the big questions. Why did awful things happen to beautiful, good people, why was I even here and if we were all at the mercy of some unseen being that could inflict misery, was there even a point.

The search for answers (pre internet) began in the library. The sections on religion and philosophy soon gave way to the "New Age". I studied everything I could find from books on channelled entities, Witchcraft, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology and many other paths. I kept coming back to Crystals.

I spent hours in all the metaphysical shops I could find, went to psychic fairs and picked the brains of anyone that would talk to me. Looking back now I see how vulnerable I was and how easy it would have been to lose myself to some very charismatic people that assured me they had all the answers to my questions.

Through all of this, crystals felt like coming home.

Crystals were my safe place with no agenda or ego. They had no desire to control me or prey on my anxiety and fear. I could hold a crystal in my hand and feel it was solid and present with me in that moment. They were also infinitely patient. (If procrastination was an olympic sport, I would win gold). I would read everything I could get my hands on, convinced that I needed every crystal in every shape and colour and was afraid to trust my own intuition. It's taken half my lifetime to understand that I will never have all of the answers I seek and I am becoming ok with that. (Doesn't mean I will stop searching.)

After all this time and my journey so far I can honestly say that crystals don't read books. Books will give information on accepted meanings and energies. They are a guide and a great source of knowledge but I would not pick a book meaning over my own gut feeling. Trusting yourself is my wish for you.

When we meet at a fair and I ask "what are you drawn to or feeling" and you pick a crystal, then we check the meanings and it's a perfect match, it's not a coincidence.

 As you continue your own crystal story I want you to trust your instincts and form your own ideas and beliefs. Be gentle with yourself and remember, crystals are millions of years old. They are infinitely patient and understanding.

We all have a crystal story and I would love to hear yours. Please feel free to share. Your story may be the inspiration to help another soul on their journey.

PS  Tiger Eye for me is courage. If you see me out and about and I'm wearing lots of it I'm probably not as calm and confident as you think I am. 

Kindness Always

Love Heather X

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