Crystal Conversations Part 1

Crystal Conversations Part 1

Crystal Energy and Negative Vibes!

When Magick Earth Crystals attend shows, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is.... 

"What crystal is good for protecting me from other people's negativity"

This usually leads to one of my lectures on protection magick and how you can't change other people, you can only change how you respond to them. (Protection Magick is coming in a future blog).

The other area people get wound up is over crystals, negative energy and cleansing. By chance I came across a facebook comment I wrote back in 2018 regarding my crystal philosophy and I thought I would share it with you.

[Often on crystal pages, in books and on the internet I see people commenting about crystals having “negative energy” and I wonder if this concept does more harm than good for those beginning their crystal journey.

Spiritually people can and do vibrate at different levels. Every day we meet people that we click with that lift and energise us and others that we can’t get away from fast enough. Are these people “ negative” or is their energy just not a good match for our own.

So many times I see fear based people jump on the negative energy bandwagon when someone shows their beautiful crystals and start with the cleanse cleanse cleanse mantra. Do we actively experience this negative energy for ourselves or just parrot the info we see and read and take it as gospel, passing it on to others?

I recently experienced a gem show with a seller that was rude, abusive and really just not a nice person. While some of his crystals were beautiful I would not have purchased any from him as in my mind they would always be associated with him, especially when there were other sellers with crystals as beautiful that I could talk to and buy from. Is this where our idea of negative energy comes from? Do we project our own perceptions on to the crystals and then declare them to have negative energy?

My personal take, I wash (clean) new crystals where possible with mild dish soap and water because on their journey to me I have no idea how many hands have touched them that have not been washed post bathroom or have wiped a child’s nose with a dirty tissue etc or how physically traumatic their travels have been. I thank them for coming into my life and make them welcome. I don’t “program” I ask for what I need ie can you please help this person or protect this person etc and then offer my thanks.

We are all on a journey, some further along than others and I believe our job is to shine a light for those just starting out, not to potentially scare them away.

I love telling people that crystals don’t read books, they just quietly get on with the job at hand.]

I do not look at my crystals as vessels of negativity, needing to cleansed and told what to do. I look upon them as allies on my life journey.

Part 2 Coming Soon

Love Heather x


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