Crystal Gemstone Pointed Bottle Shaped Pendulums in Amethyst Aventurine Clear Quartz Dragons Blood Jasper and Sodalite

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Crystal: Amethyst

We love our very cute pointed bottle shaped pendulums. They are a gorgeous addition to our Pendulum range and are available in 

Amethyst Aventurine Clear Quartz Dragons Blood Jasper and Sodalite

Divination, Energy Clearing, Information, Decision Making, Meditation

Want to make better choices?

Suss out if someone is being completely honest with you or has their own agenda?

Would you like to learn to "trust your gut" in everyday life?

Can one Metaphysical tool do all this? Absolutely Yes!!!!

Crystal and Gemstone Pendulums are a great addition to your metaphysical toolkit. They have a range of uses and once attuned to your energy can help develop your intuition, balance chakras, find lost items and even find water pipes etc in your yard (personal experience speaking here).

We Love Our Pendulums For:

  • Finding lost items including keys, glasses and more

  • Chakra and Energy Clearing 

  • Releasing Blockages 

  • Energetic Aura Protection

  • Problem Solving

Please check out our Crystal Pendulum Blog for more great info


30mm Pendulum, 20cm length approx

Includes Velvet Bag